The Challenge

The peaks of the captured power are more than 10 times higher than the average, even within a given sea state.

The peak power is equivalent to the investment / life cycle cost of a wave energy converter and the average power production over the year is equivalent to the income. Read more


Power Smoothing Technology

OHT Power Take-off for Wave Power

OHT offers an ingenious power take-off for wave power. A mechanical gearbox and a gravity accumulator efficiently and economically converts the highly intermittent and irregular power captured from the wave motion into a smooth speed and torque to the generator.

The technology shows excellent capabilities to meet the challenges for wave power, and will thus reduce the cost of energy as well as ensure that grid quality requirements are met. Read more


Offered as a Sub System

The technology is offered to other wave energy converter (WEC) developers in two alternative ways:

  1. As a generic collector hub interfacing to prime movers or buoys through a collection network of high pressure fluid tubing or hoses.
  2. For custom integration into various WEC devices.